Ocean Reef Marine Consulting

About us 

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Our Story


Rick Furtado, Ocean Reef Marine Consulting CEO, was born into five generations of mariners. He spent his childhood on the docks of New Bedford, Marion, and Fairhaven Massachusetts. The Commercial Fishing Industry was where he got his education. Where the principles of right and wrong were settled on the spot without hesitation. He learned that doing the next "right thing" was more work but provided safety in a storm. 


 Rick, his daughters, Paris and Asha with his father Robert Edward Furtado (an Oiler on the last US Commercial Steamship) pictured in front of his Great, Great Uncle Antone Edward's Whaling Vessel the "Wanderer" as displayed in the New Bedford Whaling Museum.

Uncle Anthony Edward                  The Port Royal Coupe

 was the last and most                   Designed and built by

successful Whaling                        Rick and Rivolta Marine

Master in the US Fleet,                 Award-winning design.


Rick's Grandfather,                        Rick's first Brokerage

Fred Swallow Morang                    Sale in 1999. A 53' 

was at sea as a Master                 Hatteras Motor Yacht.

Engineer on fishing

vessels for 53 years.

Ocean Reef Marine Consulting, LLC

In Association with

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With offices in 22 different states and 4 countries around the world, Untied Yacht Sales has an unprecedented network of boat buyers and sellers that gives our clients wide visibility on their yacht for sale. At any one time, United Yacht Sales may have over 600 listings active on the MLS and annually close over 500 transactions valued at over $100,000,000!

Ocean Reef Marine Consulting, an independent contractor running their business within the larger framework of the United Yacht Sales's national footprint

Ocean Reef Marine                          In water yacht

Consulting offices                           storage available

located at Port Largo,                     for Exclusive

Key Largo, Florida                           Listings

A full-service Yacht                           Located just a 45 minute

Brokerage built on                            breathtaking drive from     

Customer service and                       Miami.